The Purpose

The heart of this organization is founded on a passion to give. Since I was a child, I have felt this growing desire to help the people around me and seek ways in taking action. As a “Seattle-lite,” I have witnessed the homeless population’s continually grow, and my empathy has increased with it. As a result, the mission for this nonprofit is to break the complacency that exists as we observe people sleeping on sidewalks, covering themselves in blankets, and hiding from the world that ignores them. We are committed to ending this cycle of turning a blind eye, and instead, working with the community to support, uplift, and bring hope to low-income and homeless individuals in need. If we all stepped outside of our own worlds and put ourselves into the world of others, we will not only see the disheartening reality many individuals and families face, but also realize how easy it is to bring hope, compassion, and love to our community. 

The President

Aja Brewer is currently a student at the University of Washington, pursuing a post-grad education in the Masters in Teaching program. With her Bachelors in Psychology and Early Education, she aspires to become an elementary teacher.

Along with school, Aja has always had a passion to give to others. This passion has driven her to take action – by starting with personal outreach projects in 2020, and ultimately, in 2022, founding the nonprofit organization, 1World1Sky. The mission is to provide support to the growing homeless population and low-income individuals that need a helping hand. The vision is to provide assistance, resources, and encouragement, but her ideas don’t stop there. As the organization grows, so will the programs and the people that are reached, including families and youth

Aja Brewer, President

We accept charitable donations and donations of new and unused items from corporations, department stores, and individual donors. For more information about donating goods, please email us at abrewer@1world1sky.org.