Backpacks for Seattle

How You Can Make a Difference in our City

for Seattle

The Challenge

Under the sky of Seattle, there are thousands of people suffering from hunger, drug addiction, trauma, and pain. Seattle is the home of the third largest homeless population in the United States due to several complicated issues that include high costs of living, lack of social and mental services, and the impact of the 2020 pandemic. As we all share 1 world together, it’s important that we don’t become blind to this crisis, but continue to provide a helping hand

The Solution

By teaming up with the SPD, 1World1Sky is fundraising to create backpacks for those individuals living on the streets with the purpose to bring relief, comfort, and hope where hope may seem to be lost. 

Step 1: Awareness
Step 2: Take Action
Step 3: See Change

The backpacks can include items such as…

Be a Part of the Solution and Contribute Today

We accept charitable donations and donations of new and unused items from corporations, department stores, and individual donors. For more information about donating goods please email us at